Spurred on by the success and the excitement generated by the first International Exposition of Modern and Decorative Art in 1902 (a true manifesto and consecration of Liberty Style in Italy and Europe) and in the aftermath of the Work and Industry International Exposition of 1911, Torino finds itself taking on the undisputed leading role within the cultural and industrial European scene.

This intellectual and productive growth gave a crucial drive to the advancement of applied arts and artistic handicraft.

In a matter of a few years, together with the success of new and strong leading manufacturing branches, such as the metallurgical, textile and motoring sectors, the city had to face the need to make real the projects of refined artists, engineers and architects who had to satisfy the requests of increasingly experienced and demanding clients.

Whether homes or furniture, cars or household objects, this fruitful talent became the trait and pride of so many contemporary handicraft and industrial Businesses of Excellence within the territory. It is precisely this triumph of the Liberty Style and the progression of the industrial handicraft of the early ‘900 that inspired the FIRF project.

The productive philosophy of “Fabbrica Italiana Retro Forniture” is founded on the guarantee that a work of art, even if duplicated several times, can remain a unique and valued object, if created with expertise, care and mastery.